The DNA of the CIO

The DNA of the CIO

The DNA of the CIO provides fresh insight into what it is to be a Chief Information Officer (CIO) today.

The report is based on our survey of 301 senior IT professionals from Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, Australia and South Africa. It also draws on in-depth
interviews with a further 25 CIOs from these regions. A further 40 respondents from across
the rest of the C-suite were polled to provide a perspective on how the CIO is perceived by the rest of the executive management team. The research and survey produced a breadth of insight and perspectives which allowed us to explore and analyze the distinctive qualities of this community of professionals.

The DNA of the CIO explores the expectations and aspirations of those in the job — and the skills and relationships that they need to master in order to succeed. It is one of a series of Ernst & Young thought leadership programs that seeks to understand the support, skills and capabilities required of C-level executives as their roles evolve. Already available is the DNA of the CFO, dealing with the character traits of today’s senior finance professionals.

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