Becoming an Enterprise Architect

Several people have been approaching me on LinkedIn and directly asking what they need to do to become an Enterprise Architect.

As a response, I thought I’d share an article from CIO Magazine published a few years ago. To read more, click Enterprise Architect.

The role and value of the Enterprise Architect is something that CAEAP – Center for the Advancement of the Enterprise Architecture Profession – advicates and promotes. Click here to learn more about becoming part of CAEAP and to learn more about how and why the role of the Enterprise Architect is something every organisation should consider.

Enterprise Architecture as Strategy

Most firms build individual IT solutions in response to localized business needs. In other words, firms receiving high value from IT had designed IT and business process capabilities in accordance with an enterprise architecture. 

To provide effective and sustainable value to business stakeholders in an organisation, IT needs to be included from the very beginning in discussions and decisions concerning an organization’s core business, business model, business plan, plan implementation, core processes, etc. 

An Enterprise Architecture approach can help IT and business managers understand the source of IT value. 

Click Enterprise-Architecture-as-Strategy to read more. 

The article describes views from the authors (Jeanne W. Ross, Peter Weill, and David C. Robertson) of “Enterprise Architecture as Strategy” and sheds some light on thoughts which may help business and IT managers.