AI and Humanoids

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the world” (skip to 2.44)

A.I. – Sorry, I forgot to tell you about ..

Imagine a future where #humanoids live amongst us .. designed to be ‘good’, ‘responsible’, ‘subservient’, and more .. serving us humans – in ethical, moral and sustainable ways.

Would we live together in harmony?

Would we give up human-to-human relations in favour of #robots who fulfil our whims?

Would the #humanoids behave more ‘human like’ by learning how to better mimic our rivalries, prejudices, jealousy, and more?

Would we have communities of #humanoids who mirror our class systems underpinned by social, economic, religious, political, and structural hierarchies?

Or, would we end up creating ‘ghettos’ to separate human and #artificial life? 💭🤔

Before we can imagine a future filled with #trustworthyai #responsibletech and so forth, surely we need to ‘fix’ issues affecting our human world? 💭🤔

A world which supports and enables #equityandinclusion #integratedcare #freedomofexpression #peacefulliving etc.

Or is this just naive wishful thinking ⁉️

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AI and Religion

Whilst #artificialintelligence continues to embed itself further into our everyday lives, we see #ai disrupt parts of society which includes #religion and #religious rites – such as prayers, sermons, and more.

Mindar — Robot Preacher

Where is this all leading to?

Will this impact #freedomofchoice #worship #spirituality?

Would this be considered blasphemous?

Will this lead to #unintendedconsequences that fragment and disrupt communities?

Do we expect #ai to fully replicate all things that make us ‘human’?

What about the human soul?

How will we differentiate between real and ‘artificial’? This extends to #metaverse #augmentedreality #virtualreality #mixedreality 💭🤔

If ‘experts’ and protagonists across governments, corporations and research institutions are successful in creating #sentient #ai, who will uphold the interests and needs of #humans?

Can we really leave this responsibility to lawyers, politicians, #bigtech ,..? 😳

We need to collectively #reimagine #societyandculture BEFORE we grapple with how much and how far we allow #technology to influence our daily lives.

#SocietalAI #humanityfirst #thinkaboutit

Future of Humanity and Technology

I personally find the topic of “AI and Society”fascinating 💭🤔

While many ‘pundits’, self-proclaimed experts and social media postings advocate the need for #digitaltransformation #ethicalai #responsibletech #wellbeing and so forth, I personally feel that there is something missing ..

Specifically, the distinct lack of a #worldview and rejection of the human soul — especially where #ai and #machineintelligence is concerned.

Let’s not forget that BOTH #technology and #society are co-related, co-dependent, co-influence with each other.

AI and Technology impacts on society, including the potential for society to progress or decline, in both good and bad ways – with both beneficial and harmful consequences.

With this backdrop in mind –

I will be releasing more content over the next few months that raises important questions that we should ALL be asking.

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We are what we repeatedly do .. but is this ethical?

You may be familiar with the phrase ”if it can be done, it should be done”.

This is often accredited (mistakenly) to Aristotle, a renowned philosopher.

It is in fact the words of Will Durant in “The Story of Philosophy: The Lives and Opinions of the World’s Greatest Philosophers” who summed up Aristotle’s words in this way:

“…we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.”

Will Durant

(See attached infographic)

Excellence is not an act but a habit

What’s the point?

Businesses around the world continue to compete to churn out ever increasing numbers of products and services that they can sell for profit; to stay ahead of competitors.


Is this ethical? Is leveraging #ai to support this behaviour ethical (or even moral)?

We remain a consumer society and perhaps closer to the Aldus Huxley (A Brave New World) vision of the future rather than George Orwell (1984).

Ethics have been discussed by many philosophers, politicians and activists throughout history.

Just because we can do something, DOES NOT necessarily mean we should do it.

Case in point is the application of #artificialintelligence to #everydaylife – especially #consumerism.

Today, significant investments and research efforts are being spent to understand how #ai maybe applied to #war #economics #healthcare #manufacturing #financialmarkets #automation and so on.

Where do #ethicalai #trustworthyai #responsibleai etc fit into this?

We should admit that there are differences between #artificialintelligence and #humanintelligence .. the key word being “artificial” 😊

No algorithm can emulate (at least for now) human intelligence, meaning the idea of #sentient #ai is partly fantasy and potentially a ploy to cause fear or get peoples attention.

We are still developing solutions that are ‘narrow’ and ultimately in the domain of #artificialnarrowintelligence rather true #artificialgeneralintelligence … where #intelligentsystems #automationsolutions are able to do multiple activities at the same time .. like we humans can do with our biological brains.

Hence, any debate or application of #ethics should look at all aspects of #society and #human dimensions. Otherwise, we will simply feed #fear #anxiety rather than take control of a future that will be controlled and influenced heavily by #ai #emergingtechnologies 💭🤔

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Changeable attitudes to AI Ethics & Responsibility

Dictionary definition – ‘Ethical ‘

Technology itself now plays a major role in how we think, interact, engage, .. it fundamentally affects ALL of us daily .. the pace of change often making us feel disoriented, angry and resentful 😳

Our thoughts and perspectives on ethics, morals, equality, freedom, etc. change depending on our government (authorities), our religion, our politics, and so on.

So how will our attitudes to #trustworthyai #ethicalai #responsibletech etc. change over the next few decades❓

We are fast becoming a society that ”lives for the moment”, is #materialistic, is #atheist, is in control of our own destiny, has no consensus on ‘right & wrong’ and is also blurring previous (strict) lines relating to war, occupation, gender, sexual orientation, equality, trust, freedom (of speech, of expression,..), .. 💭

As one generation replaces the next, it gets to determine how society should (will) operate .. hence, in time, the social impact and role of #ai #emergingtechnologies in society will change – for better or worse 🤔

How can #people and our #societyandculture respond, adapt and maintain some level of equilibrium ⁉️

How do we cope with #technologicalinnovation without a common framework for social, moral & economic & environmental principles ⁉️

Should #technocrats and advocates of #ethics #morals #responsibletech leverage #socialsciences and #humanities to help us navigate through #changeforbetter coupled with #technologytransformation ⁉️

Thoughts welcome 💭🤔

#SocietalAI #peoplematter #reimaginethefuture