I’m back … Did you miss me?

Dear Reader, 

I’ve been away for some time … and, for some, I have disappeared … as I’m sometimes known to!

My Father died in December 2012 and this has severely impacted me in several ways. 

I have taken time out to rediscover what drives me, my purpose and my future. The past few months have been a truly interesting time …

I returned to work quickly … thinking that I’d keep myself “busy” and that this would help me “heal” … and in some ways this approach has worked … to some degree.

While working as an interim Consultant, I have realised that many of the people around me who are permanent employees, desperately need some form of mentoring, coaching and guidance to help them realise their career goals, personal / professional aspirations as well as feel “wanted” and “useful” to the organisation they serve. This has inspired me in many ways and I hope to be able to make a mark using my experiences, skills and passion for sustainable transformation and change.

I have several books I meant to complete … I’m determined to pick this up again in 2013 with the view of publishing my materials in 2014 and beyond. 

For now … Who ever you are … Where ever you are … Keep reaching for the stars and believe in YOU … Remember, as cliche as it may sound … Anything and everything is possible …

The answers are indeed inside you!

Best regards,


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