Evolution of IT – at Home

The saying goes that ‘change in IT is cyclical’. And so perhaps it is. But increasingly, IT is affecting all of us and is venturing into our personal space at home.

Today with the advent of CLOUD computing and the age of the mobile app, people are taking charge of their IT services and seeking to improve control over their user experience.

Many of us parents are typically ‘Tech Support’ in our own homes diligently resolving broadband and connectivity problems that affect our family. Customer Services for Sky, Virgin Media, BT, etc are often 2nd or 3rd line support who we defer to only when we truly get stuck & have exhausted all avenues.

Some friends of mine are increasingly collaborating with neighbours providing support and advice in their mini communities.

WiFi is increasingly being shared across families and neighbours with the future potentially bringing local street level access to a set of houses in a street, cul de sac or more.

Cars are increasingly being equipped with Technology including WiFi and bluetooth allowing everyone continued access to the Internet anytime, anywhere and anyplace – even while on the move.

Where is this all leading to? What innovative use will we make with IT?

Please share your thoughts and views.