Role of ‘architecture’ in a world of Emerging Tech

In the majority of digital & IT transformation and change programmes, the team is often multi-disciplinary with capabilities across products, business processes, infrastructure, data, systems and security that all need to come together to produce a solution to a problem – (hopefully!) to enable some form of business innovation.
Often Agile is adopted in the hope that this (on its own) will solve everything. Seldom does this approach work.
One of the problems with Agile is that it allows practitioners to skip a lot of the architecture, DevOps & DataOps considerations. Teams then typically perform sprint after sprint until they come together and realize the pieces don’t fit.
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Technical debt gets carried and grows from sprint to sprint and there is often minimal time to go back and fix the problem because the teams are so focused on getting new features out. It comes to the point where they must take many sprints off just to deal with all their technical debt.
Without incorporating ‘architecture thinking’ plus DevOps & DataOps considerations explicitly into Epics, Stories & sprint planning we run the risk of ‘monumental failures’.
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