Social Networking on the rise – Introducing SocialText

Enterprise social software with the fastest business value.

Chances are you only know what’s going on in your company when someone else decides you should. You probably spend 1/3 of your day in your e-mail client, and 500 hours a year hunting for stuff. You can’t find someone with a particular expertise, leadership and employees are out of touch, and people re-create work.

Socialtext 4.0 addresses these problems.

Socialtext 4.0 allows people to circulate information, ideas and updates in a targeted way with teammates, so they can move fast and take advantage of new opportunities. Capabilities include new tools for group productivity, microblogging channels, activity stream filtering and more.

With Socialtext, everyone knows what’s going on. People and teams are synchronized, engaged and informed. Socialtext provides a broad social software platform that has the ease of SaaS and the security of an on-site appliance. You get a quick deployment that focuses on your people, not on the software code. And you get real business value, fast.

Check out this demo.