Mintzberg’s Ten Management Roles

During my time at Aer Lingus, Organisational Transformation has been a key topic of importance. I’ve learnt that to make real change happen, “people change” is where it is at. Until organisations go back to basics and focus on, and invest in, their core asset (i.e. people), “real change” will never be achieved or sustained.

My interest led me to read about Henry Mintzberg’s management roles and framework. This is something that resonates with me in line with my recent experiences.

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Mintzberg’s Ten Management Roles.


Henry Mintzberg organizational configurations model framework

Too manyconsultancies and “experts” overuse and abuse the term Business/IT or Business/Technology alignment. What they often forget is that the core asset of an organisation is its people as well as process and technology.

I’ve realised that transformation an organisations people is of paramount importance to a Business Transformation or Enterprise Change programme. That said, it is important that organisations rethink the role of people across the company and take a fresh look at the structure of the organisation to maximise the potential of its people. People are not one dimensional. Until CEOs and organisations take heed of this, all we have is a white collar industrial factory made of individuals who are consigned to pigeon holes/boxes stopping real change, innovation and competition.

If, like me, you’re passionate about making “real change” happen in organisations … You will want to understand and consider an organisational model offered by Henry Mintzberg.

Read on about Henry Mintzberg organizational configurations model framework.