Integrated CIO Dashboards

CIOs often complain that they simply do not have the right data to make decisions – either they do not trust the data or it simply does not exist. For the CIO, data is everything. It should be easy to collect, easy to report and easy to use.

With the advent of BI (Business Intelligence), many Executives are now demanding dashboards to present information in an easy to understand way to help make swift (and justified) decisions.

However, when considering IT, the CIOs typically focus on IT Services related dashboards and information that tend to focus on infrastructure and operations. This only provides part of the answer which is very technical and focused on “lights on” related metrics.

There is a need for an “integrated CIO dashboard” which represents information that relates to ALL IT processes and resources (i.e. encompassing people, process and technology).

The key to delivering an integrated dashboard for CIOs (and perhaps, for CxOs) is to combine metrics, perspectives and data covering all aspects of IT. The goal is to create a single system of record for all IT processes  that combines information that transcends the four primary pillars of IT together: strategy, design, transition and operations.

Only by taking this approach can CIOs gain immediate access to information to drive decisions and track the performance of their IT. Additionally, CIOs can view how well IT services are performing against business commitments as well as measure IT costs – all from a single dashboard – connecting all activities / portfolios (e.g. projects/programmes, financials, application, services, etc.) across the enterprise rather than focusing in on any particular silo.

This is the heart of what IT Transformation should really be about … So … To coin a phrase

“Stop Talking About Transformation. Do It!”