“British Pakistani” or just “British”

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing a lot of media attention about the British identity. What does it mean to be British? A notable programme show on Channel 4 – Make Bradford British – is an example of the media attempting to use a “reality TV” format to root out the answer to an increasingly popular question.

While watching some of these programmes, I came across something a good friend of mine helped to produce and research.

Acclaimed journalist and author Anatol Lieven joins a distinguished panel to discuss the relationship between Britain, Pakistan, and the British Pakistani diaspora. With Jahan Mahmood, historian specialising in the role of Muslim soldiers who served in the British military; Anwar Akhtar, director, The Samosa; Rubia Dar, journalist, Pakistan International Peoples Association (PIPA); Zachary Latif, PIPA; Dr Max Malik, doctor, author of Butterfly Hunter and winner of the Brit Writers Award.

Here’s the video.