Four Keys to Effective ‘Next-Generation’ Security


Next-generation firewalls typically combine the ability to identify and control application use with classic firewall functions. However, there is wide variance in what ‘next-generation’ really encompasses. This paper identifies four crucial components that many deem elementary to true next-generation security technology and that are required for effective protection from today’s advanced threats.

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The value of decommissioning legacy systems

As someone who practices and advocates Enterprise Architecture and the role of the Enterprise Architect, I often find programme / project managers undersell and often overlook the value of decommissioning systems and the associated interfaces, processes and information.

This article serves as a great reminder of the business value of decommissioning systems that executives and senior management should be mindful of. In an age where Cloud Computing and “utility computing” are becoming a reality, organisations need to be more mindful of consolidation, rationalisation and replacement of legacy systems as they move into a new era of opportunity for Business/Technology alignment and innovation.

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Blade Servers: Blade Servers – Easier Management, Better Power Usage and Quicker ROI


Blade Servers: Easier Management, Better Power Usage and Quicker ROI

HP and AMD

Learn how CIOs are embracing virtualization as a way to reduce overall costs, decrease power consumption and footprint requirements, and improve resource utilization. Companies of all sizes are rapidly moving to server virtualization — running multiple server OS instances on a single physical machine — because it is an ideal solution to the perennial problem of limited resources and server sprawl in the data center.

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