Build A Team Culture Among Your Employees

Transforming a business often requires focus on people, process and technology. While a lot of effor is spent on process and technology, the people who will sustain any change and drive real innovation are often an afterthought.

Building a team culture is a necessary component of any sustainable transformation initiative. In this paper, learn how to establish an environment that promotes idea sharing and mutual respect.


Being a Better Consultant (Part 1)

I’ve been working as a consultant for almost 15 years now … Throughout these years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the “BIG 4” as well as the mid-tier service / delivery providers and Indian outsourcing organisations.

What occurs to me is that very few people have mastered the art of consultancy. Employees of the consultancy firms are often so focussed on achieving Partner status that they forget their primary purpose – THE CUSTOMER.

While considering my own thoughts … I came across an article which I thought I’d share while I gather my own thoughts and describe my own observations, insights and recommendations.


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Audio Seminar – The Inspired Entrepreneur

On 4th October 2007 Nick Williams give this practical and inspirational key-note talk infront of an audience of 300 people at the 16th Annual St Amant conference in Winnipeg, Canada.

This is your opportunity to eavesdrop on this fascinating closed door seminar!

Nick talks about –

  • How to get inspired and excited about what YOU can achieve.
  • His own story: how he went from salesman to Inspired Entrepreneur.
  • Getting beyond the erroneous work ethic and discovering your vocation.
  • Work as a route to emotional and spiritual fulfilment.
  • Finding the signposts that point you toward your calling.
  • Why your unique talents are an important contribution to life.
  • How inspiration awakens your dormant potential.
  • Practical ways to keep your inspiration alive.
  • Becoming more authentic and real in your life.
  • Discovering and visiting your wells of inspiration.
  • How to bring your heart and soul to your work.
  • Busting your resistance and following through on your ideas.
  • Embracing your significance why you are precious.
  • How you resistance can be a signpost pointing to your potential.
  • Common forms of resistance and how to tackle them.
  • Equipping yourself with the practical skills you need.
  • The power of baby steps and starting now.

… and much more!

To learn more, email me for the MP3 file. Alternatively, click the following link: Inspired Work by Nick Williams