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Most organisations have either already started or are continuing with some level of digital transformation which may include introducing automation.

The next stage of this transformation will involve adapting to other uses of AI and Robotics that will impact what people do in the “physical” world – affecting jobs, and more. 

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AI & Phychotherapy

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) presents many opportunities in the psychotherapeutic landscape — such as therapeutic support for people with #mentalhealth problems and without access to care.

Conversational AI (Source: BBC)

CAI is a software that simulates conversations with users through #naturallanguageprocessing.

CAI’s overarching aims are to help individuals to learn new skills and techniques, implement them in day-to-day life, and recognise behavioural patterns.

Thereby, methods of psychotherapeutic treatments such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), methods from positive #psychology, and #mindfulness are implemented.

Some conversational agents and #chatbots are presented as emotionally intelligent and aim at forming therapeutic alliance with users.

The application of CAI brings also unprecedented challenges and many open questions that need to be inquired to better understand its impact on individuals and society in the long-term perspective.

This is a topic I explore further in my next book – “AI and (Human) Society”.

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AI & Mental Health

Today marks World Mental Health Day (10/10/2022).

World Mental Health Day (10/10/2022)

A year ago (2021), University of Plymouth initiated #research to understand the importance and benefits of #digital and AI-enabled tools to support treatment for #mentalhealth 👏🎉

Checkout this link to learn more :-

AI tools — like Wysa — can help early diagnosis and subsequent treatment for #mentalwellbeing 💭😊

Checkout the link for more information :-

On a personal note, if you or someone you know are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression – don’t suffer in silence and consider mindfulness, meditation and even prayer 🤲🏼🙏🏼📿🛐

If you need to talk to someone.. reach out directly to me and I’ll gladly make time to help where I can leveraging my coaching & counselling network 🤝👍

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Future of Humans versus Robots .. in Social Care

The U.K. is currently facing a shortage of nurses and carers. According to #statistics from January 2020, the NHS workforce gap could reach almost 250,000 by the year 2030.

Research reveals that around 1 in 11 care worker roles are currently unfilled.

Could robots be the answer?

Robotics technology is improving, but its routine use in the home, hospital and care settings could be a long way off.

In the attached photo, ‘Stevie’ (a robot) entertains residents and carries out a range of different (pre-programmed) tasks while at a retirement home.

If this is a glimpse of the future, what role will ‘humans’ play in social care and care homes — across the U.K. and indeed the world? 💭🤔

Are we creating a future where we are heavily dependent on #technology and #robots to boost the emotional and cognitive health of older people, those with dementia, and children with autism? 💭🤔

What will happen to the ‘human touch’ provided by the truly amazing #nhsheroes 👏🎉❤️ without whom so many would be helpless?

It is these types of questions and situations that I will be writing about in my next book about “AI and (Human) Society” — #followme to learn more 🤝🙏🏼

Image credit: Greg Kahn Photography

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Revisiting the ‘uncanny valley’

Should humanoid robots look ‘human’?

Most examples of #humanoidrobots in the public domain look (in some cases freakishly) ‘human’ whilst others (like Optimus from Tesla) are ‘faceless’.

This is related to the phenomenon known as the “uncanny valley” – if something looks human-like but not believably so, it becomes unnerving, creepy, and even frightening.

The ‘uncanny valley’

In some circumstances, if a #robot is too human-like, it will put off humans it engages and interacts with.

It’s this phenomenon that #humanoidrobot #designers and #engineers need to be mindful of .. especially when considering what function or purpose the #humanoids will serve.

To promote acceptance and use of “social robots” (or “care robots”) the application of lifelike design features has been established as a promising design principle.

The majority of research to date emphasises a high degree of anthropomorphism (human-like traits) with respect to robot appearance and communication to support positive perceptions of robots.

Learn more about the ‘uncanny valley’ in my book “Chapter 4 — Robots, Replicants & Surrogates”.

A preview of the chapter is available below 👇

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AI & (Human) Society (Book Alert!)

If you subscribe to one (or more) of the monotheist religions (Judaism, Christianity & Islam), then you might ask the question “what makes us human” and how is that related to the way we’re made in God’s image?

Perhaps a more fundamental question — are #religion and #ai compatible?

MIT Technology Review recently launched a new 3-part “AI Colonialism” series which explores parallels between the rise of AI and the (European) colonial history by examining communities that have been profoundly changed by #ai.

In Part 1, the series reports that in South Africa, AI surveillance tools that monitor people’s behaviours and faces, are re-entrenching racial hierarchies and fueling a “digital apartheid”.

It is stories like this that I am researching as part of my next book on “AI and (Human) Society” which aims to shine a spotlight on (hopefully!) well-intentioned topics such as “AI for Everyone” (Google’s rhetoric), “Responsible AI” (Facebook’s rhetoric), or “broadly distribut[ing]” its benefits (OpenAI’s rhetoric).

These #phrases and #buzzwords have become part of our everyday vocabulary. However, advocates for #ethicalai and #responsibleai etc. generally fail to provide any advice or guidance on profound challenges brought on by #emergingtech – such as technology addiction, inherent biases and inequalities, the ethics of creating destructive (or irresponsible) technologies and of turning decision-making over to #intelligentsystems.

My next book will explore complex topics including, for example,

1. our role as #humans and #peopleandculture

2. #sentientai, #human #consciousness and the #soul

3. the compatibility (or not!) of #ai and #religion (and .. God)

4. #transhumanism and future of human existence

.. and more.

If you’d like to review any chapters, or would like to contribute to / write the “forward”, #getintouch – thanks in advance!

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AI and Humanoids

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the world” (skip to 2.44)

A.I. – Sorry, I forgot to tell you about ..

Imagine a future where #humanoids live amongst us .. designed to be ‘good’, ‘responsible’, ‘subservient’, and more .. serving us humans – in ethical, moral and sustainable ways.

Would we live together in harmony?

Would we give up human-to-human relations in favour of #robots who fulfil our whims?

Would the #humanoids behave more ‘human like’ by learning how to better mimic our rivalries, prejudices, jealousy, and more?

Would we have communities of #humanoids who mirror our class systems underpinned by social, economic, religious, political, and structural hierarchies?

Or, would we end up creating ‘ghettos’ to separate human and #artificial life? 💭🤔

Before we can imagine a future filled with #trustworthyai #responsibletech and so forth, surely we need to ‘fix’ issues affecting our human world? 💭🤔

A world which supports and enables #equityandinclusion #integratedcare #freedomofexpression #peacefulliving etc.

Or is this just naive wishful thinking ⁉️

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AI and Religion

Whilst #artificialintelligence continues to embed itself further into our everyday lives, we see #ai disrupt parts of society which includes #religion and #religious rites – such as prayers, sermons, and more.

Mindar — Robot Preacher

Where is this all leading to?

Will this impact #freedomofchoice #worship #spirituality?

Would this be considered blasphemous?

Will this lead to #unintendedconsequences that fragment and disrupt communities?

Do we expect #ai to fully replicate all things that make us ‘human’?

What about the human soul?

How will we differentiate between real and ‘artificial’? This extends to #metaverse #augmentedreality #virtualreality #mixedreality 💭🤔

If ‘experts’ and protagonists across governments, corporations and research institutions are successful in creating #sentient #ai, who will uphold the interests and needs of #humans?

Can we really leave this responsibility to lawyers, politicians, #bigtech ,..? 😳

We need to collectively #reimagine #societyandculture BEFORE we grapple with how much and how far we allow #technology to influence our daily lives.

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Future of Humanity and Technology

I personally find the topic of “AI and Society”fascinating 💭🤔

While many ‘pundits’, self-proclaimed experts and social media postings advocate the need for #digitaltransformation #ethicalai #responsibletech #wellbeing and so forth, I personally feel that there is something missing ..

Specifically, the distinct lack of a #worldview and rejection of the human soul — especially where #ai and #machineintelligence is concerned.

Let’s not forget that BOTH #technology and #society are co-related, co-dependent, co-influence with each other.

AI and Technology impacts on society, including the potential for society to progress or decline, in both good and bad ways – with both beneficial and harmful consequences.

With this backdrop in mind –

I will be releasing more content over the next few months that raises important questions that we should ALL be asking.

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