Don’t fear AI

Today, humanity around the world is waking up to the challenges and opportunities presented by #artificialintelligence.

Rather than give in to dystopian fears, we should remember that when we work together for our collective good, the future is always bright and full of possibilities.

After all .. as humans, we genuinely have the answers inside us .. we simply often need a helping hand or a friendly ear to listen to, to help dispel fear and instead embrace hope.

This is an opportunity for people of every profession to think about what lies ahead and the role humans will play versus machines.

AI truly is for everyone .. to make this possible, will no doubt require change .. in our minds, our education system, our culture, our governments, how we use technology to augment our society, and more .. for us and our children and future generations.

Machines are NOT our competitors or masters .. they do not have a conscience .. they are not sentient or ‘living’ .. nor do they possess a soul .. unlike humans who have adapted, endured, and thrived for centuries .. from one civilisation to the next.

– Salim Sheikh

If you are struggling to make sense of AI either for yourself, your team, or your business, get in touch.

Happy to meet for a coffee (real or virtual!) and help make sense of things ☕️😊

#aiforeveryone #SocietalAI #HumaniseTech #peoplematter #culturetransformation #adaptandthrive

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