Creating AI in ‘Man’s Image’

Why are we so ready to accept machine and ‘artificial’ intelligence as an alternative to (and even a replacement for) humans?

Surely these are just machines.. albeit faster, more efficient, more productive, and so forth.

Why are we so quick to accept dystopian ideas of AI and Robots?

Why are we not planning for and reimagining a future world that is augmented by emerging technologies?

Why are HR professionals and CXOs not collectively brainstorming NOW on what jobs of tomorrow and the ‘day after next’ may look like .. and preparing roadmaps, career pathways, etc. to respond to fears of ‘AI and Robots’ taking over ?!?

If you are a HR professional and/or a CXO, reach out .. let’s work together to explore answers to important questions.. to protect people and their livelihoods.

Get in touch by DM’ing me or book time by clicking the link below

#SocietalAI #HumaniseTech

#reimaginethefuture #planforthefuture



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