AI for Good – Requires ‘Good’ People

These days ..

AI is increasingly being compared to the atomic bomb attributed to Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967), the director of the ‘Manhattan Project’ — an R&D project that produced the first nuclear weapons during World War II.

Like the atomic bomb, there are fears of AI being misused, weaponised, and worse.

But perhaps it’s too late to turn back the clock .. too late to ‘pause’ development (for a measly 6 months!) .. as the ‘horse has bolted from the stable’ and disappeared over the horizon 👀💬

What is the common theme here?


However ..

We (humans) always have the capability to use anything we design, build, manufacture, produce, distribute, and sell ..

for GOOD 😇 or for BAD 😈

The real question is what will we choose? ⏳

Will we forfeit this choice to the billionaires and tech giants OR will we use our democratic voice to influence and shape our future – for the betterment of all of humans equitably, responsibly, and peacefully? 👀💬

Don’t give in to media hype, dystopian fears, or doomsayers who are encouraging the potential decline and end of humanity.

Rather .. if you can’t see good in the world .. be the one who shows others what ‘good’ looks like .. inspire others to follow, echo, and amplify ‘good’ and quash the ‘bad’.

Otherwise, we are at risk of becoming part of the ‘problem’ rather than the ‘solution’ 🥹😱

#keepthefaith #bethedifference #dontbeafraid #aiforgood

#collectiveaction #behaviouralchange

#seekbetter #reimaginethefuture

#HumaniseTech #SocietalAI

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