AI & Phychotherapy

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) presents many opportunities in the psychotherapeutic landscape — such as therapeutic support for people with #mentalhealth problems and without access to care.

Conversational AI (Source: BBC)

CAI is a software that simulates conversations with users through #naturallanguageprocessing.

CAI’s overarching aims are to help individuals to learn new skills and techniques, implement them in day-to-day life, and recognise behavioural patterns.

Thereby, methods of psychotherapeutic treatments such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), methods from positive #psychology, and #mindfulness are implemented.

Some conversational agents and #chatbots are presented as emotionally intelligent and aim at forming therapeutic alliance with users.

The application of CAI brings also unprecedented challenges and many open questions that need to be inquired to better understand its impact on individuals and society in the long-term perspective.

This is a topic I explore further in my next book – “AI and (Human) Society”.

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