Future of Humans versus Robots .. in Social Care

The U.K. is currently facing a shortage of nurses and carers. According to #statistics from January 2020, the NHS workforce gap could reach almost 250,000 by the year 2030.

Research reveals that around 1 in 11 care worker roles are currently unfilled.

Could robots be the answer?

Robotics technology is improving, but its routine use in the home, hospital and care settings could be a long way off.

In the attached photo, ‘Stevie’ (a robot) entertains residents and carries out a range of different (pre-programmed) tasks while at a retirement home.

If this is a glimpse of the future, what role will ‘humans’ play in social care and care homes — across the U.K. and indeed the world? 💭🤔

Are we creating a future where we are heavily dependent on #technology and #robots to boost the emotional and cognitive health of older people, those with dementia, and children with autism? 💭🤔

What will happen to the ‘human touch’ provided by the truly amazing #nhsheroes 👏🎉❤️ without whom so many would be helpless?

It is these types of questions and situations that I will be writing about in my next book about “AI and (Human) Society” — #followme to learn more 🤝🙏🏼

Image credit: Greg Kahn Photography

#SocietalAI #robotsforhumans #futureofhealthcare #socialcare #HRI

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