AI & (Human) Society (Book Alert!)

If you subscribe to one (or more) of the monotheist religions (Judaism, Christianity & Islam), then you might ask the question “what makes us human” and how is that related to the way we’re made in God’s image?

Perhaps a more fundamental question — are #religion and #ai compatible?

MIT Technology Review recently launched a new 3-part “AI Colonialism” series which explores parallels between the rise of AI and the (European) colonial history by examining communities that have been profoundly changed by #ai.

In Part 1, the series reports that in South Africa, AI surveillance tools that monitor people’s behaviours and faces, are re-entrenching racial hierarchies and fueling a “digital apartheid”.

It is stories like this that I am researching as part of my next book on “AI and (Human) Society” which aims to shine a spotlight on (hopefully!) well-intentioned topics such as “AI for Everyone” (Google’s rhetoric), “Responsible AI” (Facebook’s rhetoric), or “broadly distribut[ing]” its benefits (OpenAI’s rhetoric).

These #phrases and #buzzwords have become part of our everyday vocabulary. However, advocates for #ethicalai and #responsibleai etc. generally fail to provide any advice or guidance on profound challenges brought on by #emergingtech – such as technology addiction, inherent biases and inequalities, the ethics of creating destructive (or irresponsible) technologies and of turning decision-making over to #intelligentsystems.

My next book will explore complex topics including, for example,

1. our role as #humans and #peopleandculture

2. #sentientai, #human #consciousness and the #soul

3. the compatibility (or not!) of #ai and #religion (and .. God)

4. #transhumanism and future of human existence

.. and more.

If you’d like to review any chapters, or would like to contribute to / write the “forward”, #getintouch – thanks in advance!

In all cases, #followme and #contactme to learn more.

#SocietalAI #newbookalert #aiforeveryone #techforgood

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