AI and Humanoids

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the world” (skip to 2.44)

A.I. – Sorry, I forgot to tell you about ..

Imagine a future where #humanoids live amongst us .. designed to be ‘good’, ‘responsible’, ‘subservient’, and more .. serving us humans – in ethical, moral and sustainable ways.

Would we live together in harmony?

Would we give up human-to-human relations in favour of #robots who fulfil our whims?

Would the #humanoids behave more ‘human like’ by learning how to better mimic our rivalries, prejudices, jealousy, and more?

Would we have communities of #humanoids who mirror our class systems underpinned by social, economic, religious, political, and structural hierarchies?

Or, would we end up creating ‘ghettos’ to separate human and #artificial life? 💭🤔

Before we can imagine a future filled with #trustworthyai #responsibletech and so forth, surely we need to ‘fix’ issues affecting our human world? 💭🤔

A world which supports and enables #equityandinclusion #integratedcare #freedomofexpression #peacefulliving etc.

Or is this just naive wishful thinking ⁉️

#FutureReimagined #SocietalAI #oneworld #soulfulliving

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