Future of Humanity and Technology

I personally find the topic of “AI and Society”fascinating 💭🤔

While many ‘pundits’, self-proclaimed experts and social media postings advocate the need for #digitaltransformation #ethicalai #responsibletech #wellbeing and so forth, I personally feel that there is something missing ..

Specifically, the distinct lack of a #worldview and rejection of the human soul — especially where #ai and #machineintelligence is concerned.

Let’s not forget that BOTH #technology and #society are co-related, co-dependent, co-influence with each other.

AI and Technology impacts on society, including the potential for society to progress or decline, in both good and bad ways – with both beneficial and harmful consequences.

With this backdrop in mind –

I will be releasing more content over the next few months that raises important questions that we should ALL be asking.

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