Changeable attitudes to AI Ethics & Responsibility

Dictionary definition – ‘Ethical ‘

Technology itself now plays a major role in how we think, interact, engage, .. it fundamentally affects ALL of us daily .. the pace of change often making us feel disoriented, angry and resentful 😳

Our thoughts and perspectives on ethics, morals, equality, freedom, etc. change depending on our government (authorities), our religion, our politics, and so on.

So how will our attitudes to #trustworthyai #ethicalai #responsibletech etc. change over the next few decades❓

We are fast becoming a society that ”lives for the moment”, is #materialistic, is #atheist, is in control of our own destiny, has no consensus on ‘right & wrong’ and is also blurring previous (strict) lines relating to war, occupation, gender, sexual orientation, equality, trust, freedom (of speech, of expression,..), .. 💭

As one generation replaces the next, it gets to determine how society should (will) operate .. hence, in time, the social impact and role of #ai #emergingtechnologies in society will change – for better or worse 🤔

How can #people and our #societyandculture respond, adapt and maintain some level of equilibrium ⁉️

How do we cope with #technologicalinnovation without a common framework for social, moral & economic & environmental principles ⁉️

Should #technocrats and advocates of #ethics #morals #responsibletech leverage #socialsciences and #humanities to help us navigate through #changeforbetter coupled with #technologytransformation ⁉️

Thoughts welcome 💭🤔

#SocietalAI #peoplematter #reimaginethefuture

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