Lest we forget

I’m in a reflective mood today .. or perhaps I’m suffering from #heatstroke whilst enjoying the glorious sunshine 💭🤔

We are experimenting with building #sentientai #robotsforhumans and #intelligentsystems and more .. all crafted by a mix of #computerscience #datascience #algorithms #ai #ml #quantumtechnologies #bioengineering and more .. by people who don’t operate with common beliefs (be they political, social, economic or religion) or who share a common framework of morals or ethics.

Governments across the globe are competing to be the first to realise #artificialgeneralintelligence .. working against one another rather than together.

Who amongst these agencies truly cares for social needs of the masses?

Who is pausing to consider intended and unintended consequences?

Why in fact are we building these types of capabilities? And for what purpose? To enslave or to free or something else?

In our past, when scientists came together on the #manhattanproject to create nuclear weapons .. it was only when they succeeded, was there an admission that this capability would devastate human lives.

In fact, the scientist who led the effort (J. Robert Oppenheimer) was humiliated and (dare I say it) ‘cancelled’ (yes, this phenomenon is NOT new!) in an effort to silence anyone who questioned the morality, ethics and real purpose of nuclear weapons.

Will we repeat this part of our history .. with #artificialintelligence? 😔

Will we simply continue to watch and follow historians such as Yuval Noah Harari (and similar) rather than collectively subscribe to a moral compass that binds us to one another? 🙄

Or will we just continue to be consumers of #emergingtechnologies that could cause more harm than good? Interested instead in #abundance #materialism #indulgence 🤔

#peoplemakeithappen #humanitymatters #thinkaboutit #futureofsociety #societalai

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