Tackling AI bias .. using AI ..!


Great article in NYTimes.com showcasing a different approach to tackling the issues of #bias in #artificialintelligence and #machinelearningalgorithms.

Parity is one of many organisations, including more than a dozen start-ups and some of the biggest names in tech, offering tools and services designed to identify and remove bias from A.I. systems.

While other start-ups, like Fiddler and Weights & Biases, offer tools for monitoring A.I. services and identifying potentially biased behavior, Parity’s technology aims to analyse the data, technologies and methods a business uses to build its services and then pinpoint areas of risk and suggest changes.

Rumman Chowdhury, PhD

Liz O’Sullivan

The Algorithmic Justice League

The tool uses artificial intelligence technology that can be biased in its own right, showing the double-edged nature of A.I.

Tools that can identify bias in A.I. are imperfect, just as A.I. is imperfect.

However, the goal is to use the tools to create a wider dialogue among people with a broad range of views .. and bring more diversity to solving the problem of A.I. bias.

#aibias #diversityandinclusion #ethicalai

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