Happy New Year!


The start of a new year always brings renewed hope and expectation. But this time its amplified by the fact that we are embarking on a new decade .. giving us time enough to fulfill our goals, dreams and aspirations.

I am looking forward to many things this year:

  • a new job (and possibly, career)
  • a new book (about the role of AI and its social impact)
  • a new podcast series (mirroring topics from the forthcoming book)
  • new challenges and adventures both for me, my wife and children (my eldest sons are at key stages of a University degree and GCSEs and my youngest turns 6 in a few days and is literally counting the days!)

Whatever happens, I sincerely hope that I am able to make a new start and turn this decade into a one that brings prosperity, peace and hope both for my immediate family and my community of friends and loved ones located across the world.

Wish everyone I am connected to both in the physical, virtual and spiritual world every blessing.

Best regards,


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