Going back to my roots

Hello everyone ..

I have been absent for some time and switched focus to other platforms and media for sharing news, ideas and general thoughts .. forgetting that I was originally on the right track having set up my Blog site, invested in my own domain and expended lots of effort to build and establish my brand.

It’s truly ironic how one’s life takes you in different directions and how, in our rush to get on with things, we often forget about what truly drives us and what we should be focussing our energy on.

Well, those are the types of things that have been running through my mind for the past two years and, with the rollercoaster ride I engaged in, I am determined to rediscover my passion and make 2019 the start of ‘me’ returning to my r’roots’ .. rediscovering and celebrating my core interests.

I invested 5 years of my life developing my interests while moving from being an undergraduate to a postgraduate student. That was over 25 years ago … a quarter of a century. Wow .. time really doesn’t wait for any person (man and/or woman!).

I hope to return to a time where I had boundless energy and enthusiasm for knowledge with the expectation of breaking new ground augmenting machines and systems to make human lives less monotonous.

With that in mind, I will return to my interests in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and ‘Thinking Systems’ .. topics which are now mainstream and an active part of everyday vocabulary.

This should me my time .. given my personal history and aspiration to be useful and add value to others both in academia and the professional workplace.

So … (note to self) .. remember the words of the wise old men & women of the past.

Bring on 2019 .. and be congruent with your conscious and unconscious self.

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