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Most people know of Google’s exceptional skill in hiring a bunch of rocket scientists to deliver incredibly useful search engine search results.

Recently, they decided to data mine their own employee reviews and promotions database. The goal was to quantitatively determine what factors got people promoted in Google to become managers and leaders within the company.


The results surprised Google.


The company’s culture has historically centered around hiring and promoting the best technical minds.


The company was surprised when their own internal analysis revealed that this wasn’t actually true.


They determined eight skills that the promoted managers possessed that others did not.


They are listed in rank order:


1) Coach your team members well. 

2) Lead your team without micro-managing them. 

3) Take an interest in team members’ success. 

4) Focus on results. 

5) Be a good listener and communicator. 

6) Focus on career development for your employees. 

7) Develop a strategy for your team. 

8) Possess technical skills to advise your team when needed.


Let me point out a few things that jump out at me from this list:


#8 on the list is a technical skill. 

#7 is a strategy skill. 

#4 is a tactical execution skill.


Skills #1, #2, #3, #5, and #6 are people-management and emotional intelligence (EQ) type skills.


The top three skills are all EQ types skills, and five of the top eight are EQ type skills.


Google is one of the most technically oriented companies in the world.


While they hire for technical IQ type talent, they promoted for EQ oriented skills.


This is true in most organizations.


It’s true for a reason… because it works. (Read on …)



-Victor Cheng 





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