CIO Academy


Every leader that supports transformation of SME and Corporate Business needs to invest in his/her own education and growth. With this in mind, I was actively seeking new executive level education programmes that would serve this purpose for me and give me a better grounding in latest technology fad – ‘Digital’ or ‘Digitisation’. 

This led me to the CIO Academy at the Said Business School at the well renowned and prestigious Oxford University.

Programme Overview 

Modern CIO’s not only have to be abreast of new technologies and best practices in IT management, they also need to be astute strategists and effective leaders. These key areas form the agenda of the Oxford CIO Academy.  The programme provides a diverse peer group learning environment with continuous access to Oxford professors and highly experienced consultants and advisors.

Key programme themes:

  • Strategy – Excelling in the external operating context of the organisation
  • YOU as a leader – What makes a great leader in IT?
  • IT Management – How to roll out strategies within your organisation

This well established three day programme has been bringing together CIO’s and the most senior IT Managers from multiple sectors around the globe together for over 10 years. The combination of world leading faculty, cutting edge research and the shared expeirences of a truly global, highest calibre peer group are the factors that set this programme apart.   


The Oxford CIO Academy is a unique programme which combines the insight and experience of the world’s largest IT executive community with the academic rigour of a world renowned university. Group sizes are small and exclusively made up of the most senior level IT executives, for truly valuable debate and experience sharing. This is an intensive and interactive learning experience specifically for CIOs to ensure that you gain the most relevant input for your position.

Benefits for you

  • Improved ability to deliver value to your organisation as a thought leader
  • Gain tools to overcome critical challenges and achieve organisational objectives
  • A new network of fellow CIOs who are facing similar challenges
  • Time to focus on the strategic concerns of your work and career
  • Gain tools to strengthen your relationship with your CEO and leadership team, maximising your overall effectiveness
  • Tackle the current industry challenges with a high calibre group of global peers

Benefits for your organisation

  • Increase in value delivered through a truly strategic IT perspective
  • Enhanced CIO contribution to strategic business challenges
  • A stronger and more cohesive leadership team
  • Deeper understanding of and ability to overcome the latest IT-related challenges

Continuous Learning

Having attended and graduated the CIO Academy, I am now a proud Alumni member and actively engaging in further programmes to continue my own professional development and growth as a leader, mentor and business coach.
To find out more, click here. Good luck with your education and leadership journey.
(That’s me .. First row, third from the left – in the cool shades!)





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