Four Strategies To Get More Out of IT

When it comes to IT, we’re leaving money on the table.

The demand for IT (the perceived need for new capabilities to improve the business’s performance and/or its competitive position) far outstrips the available supply (the capacity — including money, staff, and tools — to fulfill IT demand). Executives I’ve interviewed estimate that the demand for IT exceeds available resources by a factor of 2 to 1, and consequently, the return on investment lost on initiatives that aren’t being funded is at least 30 percent.

The primary constraint is people, not money. More than 70 percent of executives believe their company lacks leaders at all levels capable of envisioning and leading IT-enabled change. These executives understand that their “line managers are dying under the [current] project load” and believe they “don’t have the answer” to address the shortage.

There is no silver bullet. But there is an opportunity to utilize existing resources more effectively by changing the way many IT requests are fulfilled. 
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Four Strategies To Get More Out of IT.


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