HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping


Understanding the capability of an organisation is becoming fundamental to any transformation/change programme. Typically, this capability is often captured through Business Process mapping and modelling techniques. However, as technology advances continue, more and more vendors are providing automated solutions and tools to help with “discovering” assets across the enterprise and interpreting the “dependency” between Business services and Technology typically delivered through IT Departments.

This article introduces interesting advances being made by HP in the area of Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM).

I’d encourage CTOs, Enterprise Architects and IT Directors to continue reading and to embrace these new advances to help them better understand how to align Business and Technology in their organisation.

Advanced visibility into services and infrastructure

HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Advanced Edition (DDMA) software automates discovery and dependency mapping of services, applications, and underlying infrastructure. Mapping helps you perform failure impact analyses which minimize downtime. Improved visibility into IT helps you transform into a modern, flexible, and converged infrastructure that reduces operational expense, defers capital expense, and improves business uptime. 80% of all service disruptions are caused by faulty changes, and DDMA provides the visibility required for more effective changes.

Key benefits

  • Increased productivity by automating the discovery of infrastructure and software
  • Lowered mean time to resolution for critical events by understanding service decomposition
  • Increased business service availability by intelligently choosing issues to address
  • Improved visibility into existing legacy IT infrastructure for data center transformation
  • Better planning for modernization of application portfolios and IT infrastructure

Further Reading

If you’re organisation is looking to map IT dependencies to reduce downtime and expense, and plan for change, you should consider HP’s DDMA solution. See below a white paper and a rich media demonstration.

Read the latest EMA Radar Report ranking HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Advanced Edition (DDMA) software as the “best of show” product.

For a demonstration of this solution, click here. Note that this is a Silverlight demonstration and works best in Internet Explorer v8+.

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