Soft Skills for Enterprise Architects (SSFEA)

I recurring theme over the past few years is the need for Enterprise Architects (EAs) to use soft skills to help influence the business stakeholders in an organisation.

Much focus has been spent on gaining TOGAF (and other EA framework e.g. Zachman, FEAF, PEAF, etc.) certification and other training qualifications but little effort / time is typically spent on learning the art of communication and influencing skills necessary to convince business stakeholders (C-level execs, Senior Management, etc).

Architecting the Enterprise (ATE) have developed a training course specifically to address soft skills required by EAs. Read on by clicking on the link: Training – Soft Skills for Enterprise Architects (SSFEA).

2 thoughts on “Soft Skills for Enterprise Architects (SSFEA)

  1. Dear Salim,

    I am pleased that you appear to be endorsing SSFEA to your followership of readers – particularly so as I am the founder of the SSFEA course and its lead Instructor.

    You may not be aware that there has been a recent title change from ‘SSFEA’ to Elevating Enterprise Architecture (EEA). This is due to a revised programme which now includes a more appropriate case study, the art of influence and how people make decisions (so that you may influence them!).

    Please feel free to contact me if I may be of any further assistance to yourself or to any of your followership.

    Wishing you all peace and success in all that you do,

    Keith Flanagan

    • Hi Keith,

      Many thanks for your comment and feedback. Apologies for the delayed response.

      Kindly share your contact details (by reply). I would be happy to connect properly and seek ways of collaborating together.

      Best regards,

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