Business rules approach

I find my self thinking a lot about Business/IT alignment. One thing is clear Enterprise Architecture (EA) MUST be relevant to Business stakeholders as well as IT. If it serves just one side, EA becomes irrelevant and less effective.

To this end … I’ve attached a good paper which talks about Business Capabilities and EA.

This leads me to the idea of “Business Rules” that underpin Business Capabilities.

The Business Rules Group (BRG) is focussed on the business perspective of business rules.


Business Rules ~ from the Business Perspective 


From the business perspective,
…a business rule is guidance that there is an obligation concerning conduct, action, practice, or procedure within a particular activity or sphere. 

Two important characteristics of a business rule are:

  • There ought to be an explicit motivation for it.
  • It should have an enforcement regime stating what the consequences would be if the rule were broken.
Business Rules ~ from the Information System Perspective 

From the information system perspective,
…a business rule is a statement that defines or constrains some aspect of the business.  It is intended to assert business structure, or to control or influence the behavior of the business.

Interested? Read on …

Business Rules Approach

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