Sustainable Transformation

Business Process Management (BPM) and Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) are complementary initiatives and together foster business alignment. Successful and sustainable business transformation requires a programmatic approach that includes the technology of BPM and the methodology of CPI.

A programmatic approach to process improvement and management:

  • Fosters a close alignment between the various functions of the business and IT
  • Incorporates change management and program management
  • Ensures communication at all levels and
  • Establishes control mechanisms for sustainability

Having already become Certified Process Professional (CPP) and gained years of practice directing organisational transformation using Business Process Modelling, Re-Engineering and Management, the next challenge is to formally embrace LEAN Six Sigma.

And so begins my journey into becoming a Black-belt LEAN Six Sigma (LSS) expert.

My goal? To advise, guide and mentor organisations to achieve efficiency gains / savings by tackling waste management issues. With May 6 looming ever so closer and the political landscape about to change significantly across the UK, Sir Peter Gershon’s efficiency review will once again land on the desks of the CEO and CIO across all organisations – ranging from the SMEs to the Blue Chip companies who will be helping the government to claw back monies to help pay off our deficit.

See you on the other side 🙂

PS Don’t forget to vote before/on May 6, 2010. Use your vote wisely!

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