ITSM And TOGAF 9 (Applying ITSM to a TOGAF Environment)

Extract of a forthcoming whitepaper to be published by the Open Group.

Executive Summary

This whitepaper considers the alignment of ITSM within a TOGAF aligned enterprise. A key driver for having such an alignment is to remove the business execution silos that come to exist in an enterprise when implementing projects that fall under either ITIL 3 or TOGAF 9. At a high level, we propose to remove such silos by creating a mapping between the two frameworks as well as between ITSM and TOGAF 9. This should create a standard set of artifacts or standard interfaces between those artifacts so that an enterprise may have a common platform for both service management and enterprise architectures. Such commonality is best implemented at the initial requirements establishment phase of an initiative and so the necessary information sharing and processes should be in place at the outset.
Our recommendation is for this to happen within the wider TOGAF 9 context where ITIL 3 can be considered as an integral extension of enterprise architecture. This is achievable because there is a lot of synergy between ITSM’s ITIL 3 and the TOGAF 9 framework, especially since TOGAF 9 has shifted to a more service-orientated approach to Enterprise Architecture. 


Nayan B. Ruparelia, Hewlett-Packard Company

Salim Sheikh, Independent Consultant

2 thoughts on “ITSM And TOGAF 9 (Applying ITSM to a TOGAF Environment)

  1. Hi Robert,

    Sincere apologies for the delayed response.

    I agree that TOGAF and ITIL do not map neatly.

    The main reason for attempting this was to introduce a more holistic approach to Enterprise Architecture that embraces those stakeholders who are typically focussed on IT Service Management and Operational Services Management – another silo when considering what needs to be managed (end-to-end) across an entire organisation.

    I am keen to continue trying to “stitch” together other frameworks including COBIT.

    Would you be interested in collaborating on a paper that explores the relationship/mapping between COBIT and TOGAF?


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